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The Creative Skills summer camps experience offers a wide variety of fun & games, with soccer at its core, through its innovative & exciting camp concept.

About Creative Skills Camps

Creative Skill Camps started in 2012 out of a desire to provide clubs & players with the ultimate camp experience and the skills they need to take their game to the next level.

Our team of expert coaches have built a curriculum to unlock a player’s creative potential by teaching them the advanced street skills, which lie at the heart of all great players, through its fun & engaging concept.

About Creative Skills Camps


Designed with clubs & players in mind.

Creative Skills offers a unique camp concept to clubs & organizations, to help complement & support them in their player development needs and help unlock creativity in their players.

Our camps can help take your players to the next level, teaching them to play without fear and teaching them the advanced street skills that lie in the heart of all great soccer players. This accelerates a player's learning and assists them to produce better performance on the field.

Unlike most skill camps being purely technical, this camp also focuses on the psychological & philosophical combined aspects to create an atmosphere which fosters creative player development. This is why we use a combination of 3v3 inflatable fields, music and coaches that can inspire and motivate young players. You will not find another camp like this!

Helping Players Realize Their Potential


We adopt modern coaching techniques & tools based on modern sports science & coaching philosophies. The core of our training methods is based on Specificity & Transfer, tailored to real game situations and with a focus on positive application of skills learned in practice.

There is a big difference between acquiring new skills and effectively deploying those skills during games. Our camp will teach players how to integrate their learned skills into real game situations, emphasizing the importance of decision making and game intelligence.

Small-sided games are the most important aspect of our camp. We have designed games to maximize player development. We promote better ball control, teamwork, and quick decision making, due to the number of touches and involvement in smaller setups.


How did they get here? How did they make it?

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At Creative Skills we have built a completely unique soccer camp concept that can provide direct value to clubs & orgs and an amazing experience for players on camp, which will leave them with great memories and the skills they need to succeed on the field.

Our camps are staffed by international expert coaches who have a talent for creativity and bringing out the best in players.

On top of this, we can provide your club & players with great benefits, such as access to thousands of coaching & player resources, team management systems, session planners and much more!

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