We believe sports matter and can be a catalyst for change.

At Challenger, we ignite a passion for soccer and sports in kids who otherwise could not afford to participate. In doing so, we hope to positively impact children in the U.S. and overseas,  giving equitable access to the life lessons and joy that sports provide, on and off the field. 

We believe in Building a more inclusive community through soccer

The Challenger Foundation works alongside Challenger Sports and Challenger Teamwear to help raise funds whilst also providing programming, uniforms and equipment to under-resourced soccer players of tomorrow


Uniforms/T-Shirts Provided


Soccer Balls Donated


children supported through no-cost programs

We’re stronger than ever. With more work to do.

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A camp experience can positively change a child’s life, and your donation directly supports player scholarships

Through the Challenger Foundation, we offer families in need the chance to apply for camp or program scholarships.

Our Impact

  • Helping engage children in positive and healthy sports activities.
  • Building a culture of personal growth and achievement, developing young people with strong character and good values who can become future leaders.
  • Providing a fully funded summer camp that fosters enthusiasm and focus for kids outside of the regular school calendar.
  • Setting up after school soccer programs for communities where previously there was not one.
  • Setting up seasonal and topical projects to drive donations and specific causes.
  • Identifying individual children or families and ensures they are given the same opportunities as others in their community.
  • Providing uniforms and/or equipment for organizations in need.

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