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An international, high school and post graduate (gap year) sports performance training and education boarding school for elite soccer players, which is the pinnacle of our Challenger pathway in North America.

SPIRE Academy also offers programs for Basketball, Esports, Lacrosse, Swim, Track & Field, Volleyball & Wrestling.

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What is spire academy?

Located in Ohio, SPIRE is dedicated to supporting student athletes in their career aspirations and college placement endeavors. A dedicated team of faculty, coaches and staff guide and mentor young athletes, helping them explore various career paths, develop crucial skills and connect with professionals in their field of interest. Unique talents and passions deserve to be recognized and cultivated, and SPIRE will prepare elite players for a fulfilling future, beyond the field and the classroom.

Potential will be coached, and players will get game time, without burning out.

(Male AND Female soccer programs).

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Boarding School

With a focus on long-term athletic development, SPIRE offers comprehensive training in various sports and specialty disciplines for individuals of all ages and skill levels, including juniors, collegians, professionals and even Olympians.

Challenger's player pathway forms a key part of SPIRE Academy's identification and recruitment process. Elite players, or those with the potential to become elite, will be recommended.


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Phil Darrin Head of Academics

SPIRE Students

Bobby Kaleal Director of Performance

Coaches Corner

Find out more about Sean Lane, Technical Director & Head Coach at SPIRE Academy, including his experience in a professional environment, both as a player and coach, Sean has a wealth of experience to share.

Sean Lane

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SPIRE FC Sets High Expectations at US Youth Soccer National Championship

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Central African Soccer Talents Forge a Path to Success through SPIRE Academy’s Soccer Program

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