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You friend will have received an email invitation which includes a coupon code too. If your friend signs up and IF they are a new customer to Challenger Sports then you will receive a $30 discount coupon code. You can contact at any time if your friend informs you they have signed up and you think you should be eligible for a coupon code.

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Terms and Conditions for Refer a Friend

*You will be eligible for a $30 coupon code if you refer a new customer through this online link - and they register for one of our in person programs within 365 days of you referring them.

You may use the $30 coupon towards the purchase of merchandise in the Challenger Sports soccer shop, or towards a future in person or virtual program.

The award is for referring new customers only - the person you refer must not currently have an account on our site.

The coupon is not valid for purchases at our sister site Challenger Teamwear.

You can refer as many different people as you like- please just re-use the 'refer' button as many times as you want.

Once the person you refer someone who then signs up you will receive an email with details on your coupon, as long as they are new customer.

Please note that if another user has already sent a referral to that person then they will take priority and they will receive the coupon.

Also please note that the person you refer will receive a $10 off coupon code to use for their purchase. This should only be used by them and is only valid for one of our in person programs

Referral awards will not be granted retroactively.

This award is not available to our camp ambassadors

Coupons codes being used as a part of this program do not have an expiry date. 

Thank you for helping us provide more children with the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful camp experience!