Kiddie Academy Murrieta – Spring TinyTykes

Date 3/23/23 - 5/25/23
Location Kiddie Academy Murrieta
Price $150
Ages -


A fun introduction to soccer influenced by the very popular year-round TinyTykes curriculum. Includes games, activities, and adventures to introduce and develop coordination, balance, running, stopping, turning, kicking, dribbling, throwing & catching. Sessions are focused on learning motor skill development, balance, coordination, concentration, listening skills and teamwork.

Shorter, daily sessions from Monday to Friday inclusive, designed for ages 3-5.

Soccer meets smiles, your little one is sure to enjoy their time on the pitch!

Tiny Tykes


We Ignite Your Athletes Passion For Soccer, On and Off the Pitch

  • Committed Coaches

    Experienced educators on the game.

  • Skill Levels

    Meet your athlete's current development.

  • Nationwide Camp Options

    Coast to coast options for every level.

  • Curriculum

    A soccer curriculum that engages and educates.

  • Affordability

    Improve your game without emptying your wallet.


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is TinyTykes?


TinyTykes has been created by childcare specialists to introduce children aged 2–5 years to the basic skills of soccer through a series of fun games, stories, songs and skill building activities. In addition, children will explore and learn in a relaxed and fun environment building upon their motor, social, physical and emotional skills.

Sessions typically run for 45 minutes to one hour and are held once a week. Program length can vary from site to site, but normally you sign up for 6-8 weeks at a time.

Do you need your own equipment?

It can vary depending on your location, so always check, but typically you do not need to bring any equipment other than suitable footwear and clothing. We do recommend shin guards.


Most of our sessions offer a program package, which includes a choice of uniform, ball or other free gift. If we send you a ball, it is yours to keep. Your coach will normally provide balls for the session. If you are sent a uniform and want to wear it then please do- we find that kids love that! However it is not compulsory.

Is it just soccer that you offer?

Soccer is the medium we use to deliver our lessons, but the true focus is on developing a child's balance, agility, coordination, color recognition and numerical learning, whilst also increasing their confidence and social skills in a fun and relaxed environment.


That being said, in some locations we offer a multi-skills program too.

When do programs run?

This will differ between locations and host organizations. In some places we will offer week-long summer camps too, which are normally part of our Core Camps division- we will tend to offer these earlier in the morning before the longer camp for kids aged 5yrs+ start. 


Typically our most popular option is a weekly session that mirrors the spring and fall soccer seasons. 


In some parts of the US we will start TinyTykes in February; or possibly offer sessions outdoors as late as early December. 


If we partner with an indoor facility or a school with a small gym or activity room, then we can offer TinyTykes year-round.

Who is Lenny the Lion?

He's our mascot! See below! Occasionally he turns up at camp but it’s rare :)

What They Will Learn

  • Basic FUNdamental Soccer Skills for ages 2-5
  • Motor skills development, balance & coordination
  • Concentration, listening skills & teamwork
  • As well as ‘learning’....they will have FUN as Soccer Meets Smiles!

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