KC Fusion – Creative Skills

Date 7/22/24 - 7/26/24
Location Little Mill Creek Soccer Fields (Field 1)
Price $180
Ages 6 - 14

Creative Skills Camps

Experience the Creative Skills Camp phenomenon! Our innovative & exciting camp concept has soccer at its core, but is truly unique.

At the camp, your child will have a wide variety of fun & innovative soccer games to play, learning the advanced street skills from international expert coaches, making great friends from the local area and taking home lasting memories of their time on camp with Creative Skills.

Our camps can help take players to the next level, showing them how to play without fear and teaching them the advanced street skills that lie in the heart of all great soccer players. This accelerates a player's learning and can lead to improved performance on the field.

Our Camps


We Ignite Your Athletes Passion For Soccer, On and Off the Pitch

  • Committed Coaches

    Experienced educators on the game.

  • Skill Levels

    Meet your athlete's current development.

  • Nationwide Camp Options

    Coast to coast options for every level.

  • Curriculum

    A soccer curriculum that engages and educates.

  • Affordability

    Improve your game without emptying your wallet.


What They Will Learn

  • Advanced foot skills and specialized skills to take onto the field beyond the summer
  • How to be brave, confident and creative…and how to have fun whilst doing it!
  • Our Creative Skills Camps will teach advanced soccer street skills
  • How to look after the ball in a series of challenging and small sided environments

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Core Camps and Core+ Camps?

Core+ camps are designed to expand upon Challenger’s traditional Core Camp curriculum. Offered as an alternative or as a progressive option.

What are the different types of Core+ Camps?

Challenger aims to provide different options for those players, especially our returning campers (see below) looking for something different. Our first option here will be our Creative Skills Camps….

What is the Creative Skills Camp?

This camp offers a wide variety of fun & games, with soccer at its core, through its innovative & exciting camp concept.

We focus on how to play without fear, teaching our camps the advanced street skills that lie at the heart of all great soccer players. This accelerates a player's learning and assists them to produce a better performance on the field.

We use a combination of 3v3 inflatable fields and music so that our international expert coaches can inspire and motivate young players.



What gear will my child need to bring to camp?

If your camp package included a ball, this will be given out on the first morning of camp – please bring this each day, along with plenty of water. If your program did not include a ball, please bring one with you. If you are unsure, then please bring a ball on the first day just to be safe.

We also recommend that you apply sunblock before camp and if your child is there for a longer period of time, that they have some available to reapply.

Shin guards are required for all children attending camp for at least 3 hours OR 6 years of age or older. If your child has cleats, they can wear them, but they are not mandatory. Athletic clothing and shoes are recommended.

What happens if there is bad weather?

Should we experience bad weather, you may reach out to your local camp contact, whose information can be located in your camp reminder email. Camp will be postponed or cancelled if conditions are dangerous (thunder/lightning).No athlete will be left unattended. Refunds will not be given for time lost due to inclement weather.

We will communicate make up plans both in person to parents at camp and via email. We  understand that sometimes it can take parents a while to organize pick up plans if for whatever reason we need to cancel a day of camp completely. We will make every effort to make up time lost to bad weather however should the camp not be completed in its entirety refunds will not be provided. 

Do you have to be returning Challenger camper to try a Core + camp?

Not at all! For some of our families who have been to our camps for several years, this can be a good alternative option, especially if your child is progressing along their own soccer journey, however the Core + camps will be available to all. Please check specific details and age recommendations at each location we offer a Core+ camp.

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